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 on: November 17, 2017, 08:18:23 PM 
Started by Prickle - Last post by Prickle
 Police officer suspended, Northern Region

A 20-year-old female Constable from the Northern Region has been suspended from the Queensland Police Service.

The officer is facing allegations of misconduct in relation to inappropriately accessing and releasing information obtained from the Queensland Police Service computer system.

In keeping with our commitment to high standards of behaviour, transparency and accountability, we have undertaken to inform the public when an officer faces serious allegations of misconduct. This does not mean that the allegations against the officer have been substantiated.

Information about the Queensland Police Service Integrity framework can be found at: https://www.police.qld.gov.au/corporatedocs/reportsPublications/other/Documents/QPS-ESC-Integrity-Framework.pdf
Information about compliments and complaints can be found at: https://www.police.qld.gov.au/online/ComplimentsandComplaints.htm

 on: November 11, 2017, 06:20:15 PM 
Started by Prickle - Last post by Prickle
Former cop on bond for biker assault

A former police who threw an object at a rider inflicting him to crash has been positioned on a six-month good behaviour bond with no conviction recorded.

The incident occurred when NSW Senior Constable Brett Rossiter (pictured above) was performing random breath assessments in Narwee, Sydney, on November 6, 2015.

When rider Paul Prepare dinner did not cease, Brett threw an object on the rider who then crashed and suffered minor accidents.

The incident was recorded on sprint cam and uploaded to YouTube but it surely has since been taken down.

Now you can view this previous report from Channel 7 which reveals the incident.

Paul was charged with unlicensed using and was suspended for 2 years.

He nonetheless desires to experience however says he’ll “do it the right manner this time”.

Brett, an officer for 16 years, has since resigned.

He stated it was not intentional act as the article fell out of his hand.

NSW Police say there was no chase concerned.

The cost of “deliberately throw object at automobile / vessel – danger security” has a most imprisonment for 5 years beneath the NSW Crimes Act.

The matter has been circulating within the courts since 2015.

It was this week resolved within the Downing Centre District Court docket with Brett receiving a six-month good behaviour bond.

Video on Link...

 on: November 07, 2017, 06:53:02 AM 
Started by Prickle - Last post by Prickle
Vaughan Mark Hildebrand: Sydney cop who ‘blackmailed women with nudes’ also charged with rape

A SYDNEY police officer accused of stalking and blackmailing women with their naked photographs has now been charged with a further dozen offences, including rape and soliciting child pornography.

Former constable Vaughan Mark Hildebrand, 28, has been in jail since his arrest in June and now faces 33 charges relating to the alleged harassment of 10 women, some of them female colleagues.

Police allege Hildebrand, of Campbelltown, used restricted police data and several social media accounts and phones to haunt his victims and in one case pretended to be a plastic surgeon to obtain a picture of a woman’s breasts.

A majority of the alleged offences occurred while he was stationed at Sydney City Local Area Command but span from 2010 to 2016.

More recently, Hildebrand has been accused of the having sexual intercourse with a young woman without her consent and two counts of using a carriage service to solicit child pornography.

After The Daily Telegraph broke the story of Hildebrand’s charges, a number of other women came forward with their stories.

He was originally arrested at a Menai property, in Sydney’s south, and charged with 17 offences relating to two female officers and third woman.

Vaughan has apparently been “tormented” in jail, according to his lawyer.

He has applied for bail twice but it has been refused.

The 28-year-old is charged with one count of misconduct in public office, 11 counts of using a carriage service to harass and intimidate and six counts of stalking or intimidating with the intention of causing physical fear.

Officers also charged him with a number of firearm offences after finding a Glock and several rounds of ammunition during a search warrant.

Police will allege Hildebrand accessed restricted data on a police computer in January this year, which sparked a covert investigation by officers attached to the NSW Force’s ­Professional Standards Command.

After he was arrested he was suspended without pay but has since resigned from the NSW Police Force.

At the time of his arrest, Acting Assistant Commissioner David Donohue was horrified a fellow officer stood accused of such serious crimes.

“We are entrusted as police officers to uphold the law and while these are allegations, any misuse of trust is a serious ­matter,” Supt Donohue said.

Hildebrand allegedly targeted vulnerable women and in two cases, after obtaining pictures of their breasts, he threatened to publish the images unless they sent him more explicit photos.

In one case he allegedly threatened a woman and said he would contact her partner and publish images he had ­obtained of her.

Hildebrand is expected to next face Central Local Court in December.


 on: November 06, 2017, 10:30:26 AM 
Started by Prickle - Last post by Daemon
Well they have been stood down, but I guess that's all that will happen. Anyone else would get a lot more than that and maybe jail if they they deem u undesirable.

 on: October 31, 2017, 03:29:17 PM 
Started by Prickle - Last post by Daemon
Typical lying cunts. Make up a story to justify their abuse.
And how the fuck are ya fK.

 on: October 29, 2017, 11:13:34 AM 
Started by Prickle - Last post by fuknKIWI
The officers are now under review, but remain on full duties.

Justice delayed is justice denied.  >:(

 on: October 28, 2017, 04:39:05 PM 
Started by Prickle - Last post by Prickle
Shocking vision shows officers kick, punch duo

Three police officers are under investigation after shocking arrest vision has been played in a Perth court.

In the disturbing vision, the officers – known only as Hitchen, Richardson and Thompson – are seen kicking a woman to the ground and repeatedly punching a man they were holding down in Hamilton Hill.

The officers had claimed the woman, Jacqueline Briffa, had tried to grab one of the constable’s guns, but the video showed otherwise in court.
Three officers are now under investigation after the arrest vision emerged.

Ms Briffa was charged with three counts of assaulting a police officer and attempting to possess a firearm, but those charges were thrown out after the video was played in court.

Magistrate Malley then accused the three officers of misleading the court, saying “the allegation the accused partially removed Richardson’s gun, frankly, is nonsense”.

The magistrate also found allegations that Ms Briffa bit the officers were false.
The woman can be heard screaming during the ordeal.

The man in the video, who was punched at least 20 times, was arrested and charged with obstructing police.

He was fined $100 in court.

The officers are now under review, but remain on full duties.


 on: October 26, 2017, 03:51:14 PM 
Started by Prickle - Last post by Prickle
 Fewer Gold Coast cops on the beat as Opposition reveals officer numbers to fight crim

    Fewer Gold Coast cops on the beat as Opposition reveals officer numbers to fight crime wave

    THE Gold Coast has 40 fewer police than 12 months ago despite a crime wave, State Parliament has been told.

    Coomera LNP MP Michael Crandon released the statistics today which were later rejected by Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk sparking a heated debate.

    In what is most likely the last Question Time before Parliament rises for an election campaign, Opposition frontbenchers peppered the Government on its crime record and recruitment of police.

    Mr Crandon, in a question directed to the Premier, said the Coast district had 846 police officers compared to 886 a year ago.

    He asked why the Government was “shifting cops out of the Gold Coast” when crime rates had exploded.

    Referring to the latest Coast statistics, Mr Crandon said the rates of assaults had increased by 28 per cent and robberies were up by 20 per cent.

    “Premier, why doesn’t the Government see the safety of my community in the Coomera electorate as a priority,” Mr Crandon said.

    Premier Palaszczuk defended the “hard work” of police to protect residents and attacked the Opposition for not releasing the crime statistics during the previous Newman Government.

    “The crime statistics are a public document because my government releases them unlike those when they were in Government. There were no reports because they shut it down,” she said.

    “I’m advised there are more police on the Gold Coast than there have been in the past.”

    Ms Palaszczuk said the Coast district from June 30 had 1100 police which included 846 full-time officers along with those attached to specialist agencies like Taskforce Maxima and forensics.

    “So you’re cherry picking statistics, you’re not adding them together. It’s about time you got your facts correct,” she said.

    The Gold Coast Bulletin earlier this month, having run the Thin Grim Line series focusing on policing, revealed the Coast will only get five new young police recruits before Christmas.

    The 2016-17 annual statistical review released by the Queensland Police Service confirmed massive increases in violent offences and fall-off in drug arrests and good order offences which require saturated on the beat policing.

    The Southeastern Region which includes Logan and the Gold Coast has recorded an 85 per cent increase in “other homicide” offences.

    Key signs of the drug culture included a 41 per cent increase in unarmed robbery and staggering 80 per cent boost in unlawful entry relating to shops.


 on: October 22, 2017, 06:55:40 PM 
Started by Prickle - Last post by Prickle

Government Refuses to Pay Victims of Police Brutality

By Sydney Criminal Lawyers | 22/10/2017 | No Comments


By Zeb Holmes and Ugur Nedim

The Western Australian government has been criticised for appealing a District Court decision to award $1.1 million in damages to a couple who were illegally Tasered, wrongfully arrested, unlawfully detained and maliciously prosecuted by police after they stopped to help a stranger.

The incident

Catherine Atoms and Dr Robert Cunningham were walking past the Esplanade Hotel in Fremantle on a night in November 2008, when they stopped to help a man who was lying in bushes.

Police arrived shortly thereafter, manhandled the couple and then Tasered them for allegedly “causing a disturbance”. The pair were then handcuffed and charged with obstructing a public officer.

The charges were later dismissed and the couple then took civil action against the state government and three police officers.

District Court Judge Felicity Davis ruled in favour of the couple, finding they were subjected to battery, false imprisonment and misfeasance in public office.

Her Honour found that police grabbed Ms Atoms’ arm for “no lawful reason”. She noted that when Dr Cunningham attempted to intervene, he was handcuffed and the pair were then unjustifiably shot with Taser guns whilst in handcuffs.

Police lie on the witness stand

Her Honour slammed the evidence of officers Simon Traynor, Peter Clark and Glenn Caldwell, describing it as inconsistent, unreliable, inaccurate and implausible.

The judge viewed CCTV footage which clearly showed that Ms Atoms was not angry or aggressive towards police as alleged, but was “calm and composed” as she tried to help the man in the bushes.

“I find that Officer Traynor could not deal with the fact that Ms Atoms was questioning what he said and that he might have been wrong,” Her Honour remarked.

She further found that the force used to arrest Dr Cunningham’s arrest was “excessive and disproportionate”, and that the use of Tasers was “neither reasonable nor appropriate.”

Judge Davis proceeded to accuse Fremantle police of displaying “antipathy towards members of the public”.

Police policing themselves

An internal police investigation cleared the officers of any wrongdoing, finding that their actions was justified, proportionate and reasonable.

However, WA’s Corruption and Crime Commission found the conduct to be malicious and unlawful, recommending that police “reinvestigate” the matter.

“Without such action, there will be ongoing concerns about the integrity and capacity of the commission to oversight internal police investigations and conduct its own independent inquiries,” CCC oversight committee chairperson Margaret Quirk stated.

Delaying compensation

The couple were finally awarded compensation a decade after their experience.

However, attorney general John Quigley has appealed the $1.1 million damages award to the state’s Supreme Court – which means further delay and expense for both the couple and WA taxpayers.

Ms Quirk has urged the state to “cut its losses” by withdrawing the appeal.

In response, the attorney promised to “review the State’s position” after consulting the state solicitor.

After the appeal was filed, Dr Cunningham expressed disappointment that, “For over eight years the State of WA has adopted the position as I understand it that the police in question did nothing wrong.”

The case appears to be just another example of police policing themselves, the state government endorsing police misconduct and taxpayers ultimately having to foot the bill for police brutality.


 on: October 20, 2017, 05:05:32 PM 
Started by Prickle - Last post by Prickle
Police officer charged with sending inappropriate video to young boy over Facebook

A police sergeant accused of sending an inappropriate video to a young boy over Facebook has appeared in a Mandurah court.

The 41-year-old was charged this month by child abuse detectives with using an electronic communication to expose a person under he age of 13 to indecent matter. He was also charged with encouraging a child to do an indecent act.

In Mandurah Magistrate's Court this morning, the sergeant, who has been stood down from duty, applied to have his bail conditions altered so that he could see his own children without supervision.

The court was told that on October 2 he sent an inappropriate video to the child over Facebook, before having an inappropriate conversation over the internet the next day.

Defence lawyer Paul Sofield told the court the alleged offence did not relate to his own children and that his wife had provided an affidavit to the court she had no concerns with her husband spending unsupervised time with their children.

Magistrate Anne Longden granted the request and adjourned the case until December 8. The sergeant was not required to enter a plea and said nothing as he left court into a waiting car.


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