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Title: More than 30 corruption, misconduct complaints against Gold Coast police made to
Post by: Prickle on December 05, 2017, 08:59:14 PM
More than 30 corruption, misconduct complaints against Gold Coast police made to CCC

A total of 33 complaints were made to the Crime and Corruption Commission during the first half of 2017, accusing 15 senior Gold Coast police officers of corruption and misconduct.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the CCC said the accusations included senior police bullying and intimidating other officers to "achieve 'aspirational' performance targets".

Those officers who supported such harassment were then given "preferential treatment in recruitment processes and career development opportunities".

Regarding the complaints surrounding recruitment, the CCC has separately taken action against a senior Gold Coast officer and the matters have been taken before the Court.

Other allegations included a senior officer pressuring junior staff to manipulate crime data and those who refused were then subjected to bullying and victimisation.

The Queensland Audit Office identified some data anomalies and inappropriate practices in its investigation into the reports of data manipulation and the CCC alleges that the officers who assisted with the QAO inquiry were also bullied by senior officers.

However, the Queensland Auditor-General did not refer the matter to the CCC for further investigation and police have taken steps to rectify the data anomalies.

Complaints were also made alleging the Queensland Police Service failed to release information about a bikie brawl on the Gold Coast in December 2015, but the CCC said they had ruled out corruption or misconduct regarding these allegations.

The CCC said in a statement they found evidence to support the remaining claims regarding ongoing campaigns of bullying, victimisation and favouritism, reprisals, negative workplace behaviours and officers failing to properly report misconduct.

The outstanding allegations have been referred back to the Queensland Police Service and Commissioner Ian Stewart has been given the responsibility of follow-up investigations.