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Author Topic: Geale stripped of title  (Read 1885 times)


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Geale stripped of title
« on: November 02, 2012, 02:35:24 PM »

[url][http://wwos.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=8558319/url]. is this another case of  a decision going against an Aussie?
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Re: Geale stripped of title
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2012, 03:16:03 PM »

Geale angry with stripping of WBA title
Adrian Warren
15:07 AEST Fri Nov 2 2012

Daniel Geale is angry, annoyed and frustrated by the "unfair" decision to strip him of his WBA middleweight Super boxing title before he has even received the belt he famously earned in Germany two months ago.

The WBA decided at their annual convention in Jakarta to strip Geale for opting to fight Anthony Mundine instead of their regular middleweight world champion Gennady Golovkin of Kazakhstan.

Geale's American-based promoter Gary Shaw is waiting to hear back from WBA boss Gilberto Mendoza and is prepared to go to his headquarters in Panama after the convention in Indonesia is finished.

Geale, who is also the IBF middleweight world champion, added the WBA Super title to his portfolio by dethroning Felix Sturm in Germany in early September.

"We found it frustrating that because of Felix Sturm not fighting his mandatory for so long that the WBA put their ruling on us and they gave us half the amount of time that you usually get to have the mandatory," Geale told AAP on Friday.

"They enforced what Felix Sturm hasn't done on to me, which is definitely unfair.

"I have had the title now for two months, I still haven't received my belt in the mail and they've stripped me of the title.

"So, as you can expect, we're angry and frustrated and annoyed by that."

Geale was adamant his IBF sanctioned title defence against Mundine scheduled for next year would go ahead.

The IBF granted him an exception to regulations to fight Mundine next ahead of another Australian, Sam Soliman, who is the mandatory contender for that organisation's title.

"We basically knew whichever direction we went unfortunately we weren't going to be able to retain both titles," Geale said.

"It's very difficult for a unified champion to have more than one title.

"We believe we've made the right decision to stay with the IBF."

Geale made it clear he didn't have a problem with fighting heavy-handed Golovkin, who has an imposing record of 24-0, 21 KOs.

"At some stages, we were of the opinion that it was going to be okay (with the WBA) that I was going to fight Golovkin, not when they made me, but we definitely are going to fight him," Geale said.

"We have no problem fighting anybody in the world at the moment."

Shaw stressed Golovkin already had a fight booking next January with American cable TV network HBO and he had tried to contact the WBA about their decision.

"They are in Jakarta and I am in a middle of a bad storm on the east coast of the United States, but I have reached out for them. I am waiting to hear from them," Shaw told AAP.

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Re: Geale stripped of title
« Reply #2 on: November 03, 2012, 08:25:36 AM »

How cool is Gary Shaw  8) Geale has a GREAT team behind him as do I, cheers for adding to the KMA corner Angry and PRickle  8)   
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Re: Geale stripped of title
« Reply #3 on: November 12, 2012, 04:56:04 PM »


Lunacy is the only prerequisite necessary to understand what is left of the boxing game. It no longer makes sense to rational thinkers.

Little more than a week ago Daniel Geale was the IBF and WBA middleweight world champion, having won both titles in the ring, which is the popularly accepted form of winning the title but by no means the only way.
The WBA proved that several days later when it stripped the belt from Geale's waist and gave it to Kazakhstan's Gennady Golovkin, who for two years had been the WBA's "interim champion".
Actually, they didn't do that at all.
Geale held the title for so little time the WBA had not even posted him the belt in the mail. He's still waiting for it, meaning it went before it came.
The great sorrow is that, here in Australia, Geale is so low-key we hardly raised a burp in protest. He held the title for only two months before the WBA deemed it necessary to strip him.
Given the WBA hadn't had enough time to find a mailbox it appears somewhat stiff that they stripped him for not defending it in time, but that's boxing.
As usual, though, nothing is ever as it seems.
Geale won the belt in September from German Felix Sturm who, it turns out, had been ducking a defence against Golovkin for months.
The WBA finally agreed to Sturm's unification bout with Geale, already the IBF champion, on the condition that the winner's next fight would be Golovkin.
So Geale knew the risks when he bypassed Golovkin to sign for the Anthony Mundine fight.
Until here, it all makes some sort of convoluted sense.
Given the WBA's obvious urgency to get their belt back in circulation, Golovkin is now negotiating a fight against South African Thomas Oosthuizen or American-Dominican Edwin Rodriguez.
Only ... neither is a middleweight.
Both campaign as super-middleweights and can't make the middleweight limit, meaning they will fight at catchweights, several kilograms over the middleweight limit.
In other words, the title won't be on the line anyway.
The lack of respect for Geale has never been more clear, and I know whose fault it is.
It's ours.
And Geale's.
Fortunately, we all get a chance to set it right when Geale climbs into the ring against Mundine next January.
Geale surprised many when he claimed the IBF title against Sebastian Sylvester in 2011. Some, drawing on their deep lack of knowledge, dismissed the achievement because they hadn't heard of Geale.
Few supported him when he fought his first two defences in Tasmania. Despite it being his home town, ticket sales actually dropped from the first fight to the second.
Through Geale's promoter, Bill Treacy, Mundine was approached between fights and his then-manager Khoder Nassar agreed on a deal. Both had something the other wanted. For Mundine, it was Geale's credibility. For Geale, it was Mundine's audience.
Only Mundine knocked Geale back. Deep down, he knew he couldn't beat him.
He instead declared he wanted to fight in America. Nasser knew the pay-off wasn't anything like he could make against Geale so declared himself out, Mundine went to America and fought in front of 286 paying customers, and the phone hasn't rung since.
Nobody wanted him. The Floyd Mayweather pipedream was revealed for what it was, more hot air from The Mouth.
The big paydays appeared over until Geale let him back in for a fight in January.
Mundine suffers from what Jeff Wells once called "a bad case of Anna Kournikova syndrome". Awful pretty. Won nothing. And cashing in big.
Unlike Geale, but much like Kournikova, Mundine has never beaten a world champion to claim the title.
He won his two WBA belts fighting for a vacant title, with the WBA having already declared a "super champion" above him, which essentially downgraded his title anyway.
With the fight on, the country is slowly picking up its head to take notice, giving Geale the audience he needs.
Geale deserves a payback from The Sporting Public, for a willingness to fight wherever there's a title to be won, against whomever holds it.
Geale's part is to not only beat Mundine, but to win with interest. He must stop him, early and convincingly.
The UFC has changed combat sports. Grinding points victories in the ring don't sell to the MTV generation.
Geale now has the eyeballs of Australia and America that he wanted

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/top-stories/all-eyes-are-on-australian-boxer-daniel-geale-and-thats-just-how-it-should-be-writes-paul-kent/story-e6frfkp9-1226514229423#ixzz2C3k6ItLU
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