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Author Topic: Queensland police performance measured on number of tickets issued  (Read 179 times)


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Queensland police performance measured on number of tickets issued

POLICE performance will be measured on the number of tickets issued and arrests they make in a controversial move likened to the notorious “kill sheet” where quotas are set.

Officers at a major Brisbane station were told a “monthly performance sheet system” would be issued to “assist in identifying any shortfalls, failings or weaknesses” so they could be addressed before performance development reviews.

“At present I am looking at measuring performance against tasks, domestic violence incidents, full briefs, traffic tickets, street checks and so on,” the memo sent to staff at the station said.

Tasks more than three months old would require an explanation by the officer as to why it was not completed, the memo said.

“The sheet would also have facility for officers with little or no figures to provide an explanation as to what they have done for the month.”

The memo asked for feedback from officers as to what should be measured.

Police officers who spoke to The Courier-Mail likened the contents of the memo to the reintroduction of “kill sheets”, in which police were given targets or quotas.

“Policing, by its very nature, does not allow officers to be compared on a monthly basis to compare work performance (output) against their peers,” one officer said.

“Some managers need to familiarise themselves with their own policy, procedures and human resource guidelines before threatening staff with a poor grading at the end of a performance development and assessment cycle if their figures aren’t good.”

The Queensland Police Union has been caught in the middle of the debate with one of its members writing the memo.

QPU president Ian Leavers said the union repudiated the concept of quotas for arrests and infringement notices issued by police.
But he said in this instance the actions taken “appear to be reasonable management practices” with the union continuing to monitor it.

The Queensland Police Service did not respond to a list of questions about the memo but said the organisation supported reasonable management action and expected its members to perform to a high standard.
The review process provided a framework for individual performance management to be achieved through discussing, negotiating, planning, reviewing and documenting employee

progress towards achieving the objectives and standards required.

The memo follows one sent to a Brisbane traffic branch that suggested minimum ticket quotas during a trial of a new ticketing system.

“There is no hiding during this period,” the 2015 memo said.

“I would suggest a minimum of 10 tickets per shift/every shift (that is only one ticket every 48 minutes of your shift).”

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