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Author Topic: Police officer reaches 220km/h to catch motorist driving in right-hand lane  (Read 515 times)


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A police officer has been filmed reaching speeds of up to 220km/h in a bid to catch a motorist who was travelling in the right-hand lane of a New South Wales highway.

Motorist Tim Agius was hit with a $325 fine and slugged of three demerit points after he was pulled over on the Pacific Highway at Clybucca.

“A police car appeared virtually out of nowhere and I was taken a bit because he was very close to the back of the car, lights flashing,” Mr Agius told 9NEWS.

“It ended up only being 1.5 kilometres that I drove in the right-hand lane.”

Mr Agius took the matter to Kempsey Local Court where a magistrate was shown vision of Mr Agius being pulled over.

“The reason I’ve stopped you, because you’ve been driving in the right-hand lane not overtaking anyone,” the officer is filmed telling Mr Agius.

Mr Agius tells the police officer he “didn’t know that was against the law”.

“It is, any speed limit over 80 kilometres an hour you have to drive in the left,” the officer replies.

Mr Agius had the fine reduced to $200 with the loss of no demerit points. A guilty verdict was also recorded.

He told 9NEWS he took the case to court out of principle.

Under Freedom of Information, 9NEWS obtained a copy of the New South Wales “Safe Driving Policy” which stipulates officers are required to “consider high-speed urgent duty driving a last resort”.

“When it’s over an offence which wouldn’t get more than a few hundred dollars in fines it’s just not justified to add to the risk profile,” road safety expert John Lambert said.

Documents have revealed the Safe Driving Policy is currently under review, however, New South Wales Police would not comment for operational reasons.

If interested video vision can be obtained from link below...
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