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Author Topic: Gold Coast police headquarters is ‘bully central’, union says  (Read 457 times)


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GOLD Coast police bosses face a possible workplace bullying investigation after the police union lodged a formal complaint with the Crime and Corruption Commission.

Union secretary Mick Barnes said Gold Coast police headquarters was “bully central,” and an official complaint was lodged with the CCC on Friday.

It comes as the CCC begins an investigation into fudged crime statistics amid growing unrest among rank-and-file officers.
Police union secretary Mick Barnes.

A scathing Auditor-General’s report last month singled out Gold Coast police for criticism over “inappropriate” practices, including “soliciting” and “inducing” crime victims to withdraw complaints.

It found frontline Coast cops were pressured to meet weekly crime-reduction targets.

Outspoken cop Phil Notaro yesterday accused Police Commissioner Ian Stewart of “disgraceful comments and workplace bullying”.

Senior-Sergeant Notaro launched a blistering attack on the police hierarchy in the latest police union journal, claiming crime was out of control, criminals were laughing, and morale was at rock bottom.

On Friday Mr Stewart rejected the criticism, saying disgruntled cops had “better work out what they want to do”.

In a post on his Facebook page yesterday, a defiant Sen-Sgt Notaro said Mr Stewart’s comments were “disgraceful ... and nothing but workplace bullying”.

“ ‘Stop my bitching or resign’ ... sorry COP (Commissioner of Police), I’m not going anywhere,” he wrote.
The police union says Gold Coast police headquarters is “bully central”.

Meanwhile, a former Coast cop has told of a culture of bullying, intimidation and sexual harassment, which drove her out of the QPS.

The woman, who spoke on condition of anonymity, is now on a disability pension after taking medical retirement from her 20-year QPS career last year.

She described being degraded, mocked and sexually harassed for almost a year before finally lodging a complaint – which only made matters worse.

“I would get comments like ‘Get me a cup of tea, wench’,” or ‘You should be home in the kitchen’,” she said.

“I’d get a slap on the bum when they walked past.

“It’s not right.”

Gold Coast-based Assistant Commissioner Brian Codd said the QPS took a dim view of sexual harassment.

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