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Author Topic: Labor accused of rolling out the red carpet for gangs after passing new laws in  (Read 535 times)


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Labor accused of rolling out the red carpet for gangs after passing new laws in Parliament overnight

LABOR has been accused of rolling out the red carpet to Gold Coast bikie gangs after new laws were passed overnight.

The Palaszczuk Government secured support for its new organised crime laws after the two Katter Party MPs and Independent MP for Cook Billy Gordon supported the package.

Negotiations between the Government and the MPs continued throughout the night until a vote was called about 10pm.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk later described the Government’s Serious and Organised Crime Amendment Bill as Australia’s toughest and most effective laws to tackle organised crime.

She said a taskforce report had found the LNP’s previous VLAD laws were unable to secure convictions and vulnerable to legal challenge.

“My Government is proud to have delivered a package of organised crime laws that will tackle everything from child exploitation rings to financial fraudster groups and outlaw motorcycle gangs,” the Premier said.

But Shadow Attorney General Ian Walker, who in the past month had spent time talking to Coast community groups who voiced concerns about crime, said the new laws gave criminal gangs the green light to peddle drugs to kids.

“This is the same person (the Premier) that when in Opposition voted in favour of the LNP’s tough anti-bikie laws,” Mr Walker told the Bulletin.

“Bikies were banking on this soft-of-crime government to deliver them an early Christmas present and Annastacia Palaszczuk and her merry bunch have delivered for them.

“Bikie clubhouses will now reopen, bikies will be allowed to carry weapons and bikies will once again be free to run licensed premises.”

The Bulletin in the lead-up to the new laws being passed has reported on extortion rackets involving bikies flaring up along the Glitter Strip.

Coast LNP MPs have been monitoring closed clubhouses in industrial estates and predict gangs would soon reopen them.

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